Requirements for attaining GRAD-IOSH membership


IOSH meaning Institute of Occupational safety and Health is a British and internationally recognized chartered Health and Safety organization for Health and safety professionals.

As the world’s biggest professional Health and Safety membership organization. They are the voice of the profession, campaigning on issues that affect millions of working people.

IOSH set standards, support, develop and connect their members with resources, guidance and training.

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Being a member of IOSH is beneficial.

IOSH has a comprehensive approach to career development as well as the unrivaled industry pedigree. This means that IOSH members are the most trusted and sought-after people in the Health and Safety profession.


There are different routes of attaining GRAD-IOSH, these routes include:

  • NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) level 5 diploma in occupational health and safety.
  • British Safety Council International diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
  • NEBOSH diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.

Are you aspiring to attain GRAD-IOSH?

Any of the above certifications will qualify you for GRAD-IOSH certification.

The most recommended route is NEBOSH diploma in Occupational Health and Safety since it is more recognized and generally acceptable.

In my opinion; enroll for NEBOSH diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. That is the best way to go.

After attaining GRAD-IOSH, you can progress to CIOSH (Chartered IOSH member), then Chartered Fellow IOSH.

Note that the starting point for everyone seeking IOSH membership begins with Affiliate member. From there you can progress in the membership category depending on your qualifications and experience.

See eligibility for the different membership category.



  1. I am a first aid Assessor trained by the Nigerian Red Cross I have been training people in first aid for about 22 years now. I am a teacher by profession.
    Can I become a member of the Safety Professionals based on my experience and training in first aid and disaster management?

    • You have to be trained in the Health and Safety profession to acquire an HSE certification, thats where your HSE journey begins.

  2. Can I attend the monthly meetings online without coming to Nigeria. I am an Indian and stay in India. Onam not physically present in Nigeria. I want to be a member of this Nigerian institute Safety Professionals.
    Kindly help me Sir

  3. I have my HSE certificate to level 3 and have work
    As safety supervisor in a construction firm for 2years how can I be a member of ISPON please reply

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