20 Important NEBOSH Command Words You Should Understand

NEBOSH Command Words

NEBOSH command words are instructional, operational, or task words. It explains the approach that should be used in attempting the different questions; it helps understand the depth of the answer required.

This is why it is important that before you get into any NEBOSH examination hall, you must understand these command words.

Importance of Understanding The NEBOSH Command Words

  • It helps you understand how to approach every question
  • It prevents you from wasting unnecessary time on questions that don’t require much answer depth.
  • It helps you acquire maximum points on questions.

The following definitions are included for a common understanding of the command words used in the compilation of NEBOSH question papers.

Command Words and Their Definitions

  1. Analyse:

To divide or break down the subject matter or topic into parts, reasons, aspects, etc, and then examine
their nature and relationship.

2. Assess:

To present judgments of the factors raised, their significance, importance, and why they are important
and/or significant.

3. Calculate:

To ascertain or determine by mathematical processes.

4. Comment:

To give opinions (with justification) on an issue or statement by considering the issues relevant to it.

5. Compare and contrast:

To provide a point-by-point account of the similarities and differences between two sets of information or
two areas.

6. Consider:

To offer some detail about an issue or event and to deliberate about the value of that issue/event.

7. Define:

To give the meaning of a word, phrase, or concept, determine or fix the boundaries or extent of. A relatively short answer, usually one or two sentences, where there is a generally recognized or accepted expression.

8. Demonstrate:

To prove or make clear by reasoning or evidence how some relationship or event has occurred.

9. Describe:

To give a detailed written account of the distinctive features of a subject. The account should be factual, without any attempt to explain.

10. Determine:

To decide as the result of investigation or reasoning.

11. Discuss:

To give a critical account of the points involved in the topic.

12. Distinguish:

To present the differences between; to separate into kinds, classes, or categories.

13. Evaluate:

To determine the value or character of something by careful appraisal.

14. Explain:

To provide an understanding. To make an idea or relationship clear.

15. Give:

To provide short, factual answers.

16. Identify:

To give a reference to an item, which could be its name or title.

17. Justify:

To prove or show to be valid, sound, or conforming to fact or reason.

18. Outline:

To indicate the principal features or different parts of.

19. Recommend:

To bring forward as being fit or worthy; to indicate as being one’s choice for something.

20. Review:

To survey; examine, look over carefully, and give a critical account.

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