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Fall Prevention Strategies At Home

10 Fall Prevention Strategies At Home

Preparing your home against falls can help you avoid injury, save money on medical bills, and live independently as long as possible. These 10...
Home Safety For Dementia Patients

Home Safety For Dementia Patients; 10 Very Important Tips To Follow

Home Safety For Dementia Patients As the U.S. population ages, more and more people will experience the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, which...

Safety Precautions For The Use Of Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders contains compressed gas. Certain specific properties of compressed gases make them highly useful in various research activities. Compressed gases can be very...

Radiation Safety Precautions

This topic “Radiation safety precautions” aims at highlighting the hazards associated with exposure to radiation (Specifically – Ionizing radiation), and also enumerates important safety precautions...

10 Tips For Safe Storage Of Gas Cylinders

Safe storage of gas cylinders Safe Storage of gas cylinders is as important as Safe transportation and use. If Safe storage of Gas Cylinders is...

Kitchen Fire Extinguisher: The Best Fire Extinguisher For Your Kitchen

A kitchen fire extinguisher can be an invaluable tool in any home that uses the kitchen on a regular basis. Kitchen fires are usually caused by...

21 Very Important Kitchen Safety Tips

Kitchen Safety is all about ensuring that the kitchen is free from hazards which could result in injury. It can also be said to...

Home Safety Tips You Should Never Ignore

What is Home Safety When we talk about Home safety, we are referring to the sum total of awareness of risks, education about risks and...