Not all types of fire extinguishing agent should be used in a confined space as some agent could pose additional risk to occupants of the confine space.

At the end of this article you will get to know the “Type of fire extinguishing agent that should not be used in a confine space”.


Major Hazards Of A Confine Space

Confine space pose several hazards which include:

  1. Oxygen deficiency (Low amount of oxygen)
  2. Flammable or explosive atmospheres
  3. Harmful gas, fume or vapour, etc.

Most popular fire extinguishers currently in use include:

  • Water
  • CO2
  • Foam
  • DCP – Dry chemical powder, etc.


Type Of Fire Extinguishing Agent That Should Not Be Used In A Confine Space

Among the list of popular fire extinguishers currently in use as stated above, the CO2 fire extinguisher should not be used in the confine space.

Considering the lack of reasonable amount of oxygen in the confine space, use of CO2 extinguisher in the confine space will further increase oxygen deficiency in the confine space since it displaces oxygen.

Fumes from CO2 extinguishers can asphyxiate occupants in of the confined space.

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