21 Important Road Signs You Must Understand

What are Road Signs

Road signs are drawings/ markings on board, slate, iron plate, etc, placed on the roads; these drawings has different meanings. The aim of using road signs is to guide drivers on how to use the road safely. It also help warn road users/drivers of impending danger on the road.

This article aims to highlight common road signs we see everyday on the road and their meanings.

Poor understanding, negligence or none availability of road signs can result to fatal accident. Therefore road signs are very important; with good understanding, and adequate placement, it will save lives of drivers who understands it, and use it obey it.

Different Road Signs and Their Meanings



  1. NO PARKING: It warns the drivers of where not to park.



2. NO ENTRY: It warns pedestrian of area they are not allowed to enter.




3. NO U-TURN:  The no U-Turn sign tells you that U-Turning is not allowed at that particular point.



4. PEDESTRIAN CROSSING:  This sign tells you that pedestrian are given preference at that point. So when you are approaching a pedestrian crossing, you have to slow down or wait for pedestrians to pass before you move.



5. SPEED LIMIT: In this scenario, the speed limit is 40km/hr. So anytime you see such sign, understand that you must not exceed the speed limit on that particular area.



6. NO STRAIGHT ROAD AHEAD: This sign tells you that the straight road you are coming from has ended. So look for alternative route.



7. MEN AT WORK: This shows you that people are working along the road. So you will need to slow down and be cautious.



8. END OF MOTOR WAY: This signifies the termination of the motor way. It tells you that your vehicle cannot continue beyond that point.



9. LEFT HAND CURVE: This shows you that there is a bending to the left ahead. So you will need to slow down to bend safely.



10. ROUNDABOUT: This sign tells you that there is a roundabout ahead. So you stay focus and probably slow down.



11. NARROW ROAD ON THE RIGHT: This tells you that the right lane is getting narrow ahead. So be careful.


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12. NARROW ROAD ON BOTH SIDES: This shows you that the road ahead is narrow on both sides. So be cautious.



13. PRIORITY SIGN: This tells you that the vehicle coming has priority over the one going. So you will need to act wisely.



14. CROSS ROAD: This tells you that there is a road intersection ahead, so be vigilant and slow down where necessary.



15. CHILDREN PLAYING: This sign tells you that children playing around the area ahead is a possibility. So you will need to be extra careful and possibly reduce your speed.



16. BEGINNING OF DIVIDED HIGHWAY: Divided highway begins ahead, this is what this sign is telling you.



17. ROAD INTERSECTION BUT NOT CROSS ROAD: This road intersection tells you that there is an intersection in a manner highlighted above; but not CROSS ROAD.



18. MERGING ROAD: Here there is an intersection with a minor road ahead. So watch out for traffic from that direction.


19. REVERSE TURN AND  REVERSE CURVE: This shows the road ahead is no more straight, but goes in the pattern of the sign. So you will need to slow down to negotiate the bends successfully.



20. TWO WAY TRAFFIC ON SINGLE LANE: This tells you that traffic flows on two way ahead on a single lane.



21. ROAD SPLITTING: This road split sign shows that the road ahead is split into two directions. This will help you plan on your preferred route.



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