Correct Meaning Of The Colours Of The Traffic Light

Traffic Light are placed at intersections and junction where there is likely to be traffic issues. We see the light when we move on the road but some of us has a wrong understanding of the it.

So in a very brief write-up I will point out the wrong understanding most of us adopt as the right thing.


General, the traffic light has 3 colors:

  • Red
  • Amber and
  • Green

We understand red to mean – STOP

Amber to mean – Get ready to STOP/GO

Green to mean – GO


Though the above is the general understanding, but that is not 100% right.

Here is the right thing:


AMBER – Get ready to STOP/GO


For the traffic light to show green doesn’t guarantee that the road is clear and safe for you to proceed.

Hence, before you proceed it’s necessary that you check if the road is clear for you; you have to proceed with caution.

Be a defensive driver