6 Effective Approaches To Enhancing Health And Safety Compliance In The Work-Site

I did an opinion survey on LinkedIn among Health and Safety professional to bring out the different opinions on the ways to enhancing Health and Safety compliance.

As at the date of putting up this article, I have gathered some very interesting points that will be beneficial to all health and safety professional and management staffs.

Any one at any level of duty who needs concrete measures to drive Health and Safety compliance on site will find these recommendations very exciting.


Here are some of the recommendations:

Approaches To Enhancing Health And Safety Compliance In The Work-site:

  1. Management commitment: Health and Safety professional believes that without a good management commitment, compliance is impossible. Management needs to be committed to Health and safety in order to drive compliance. Some of the ways management can be committed are; supporting the setting up of a good health and safety structure and also leading by example. When management leads by example, workers will follow suite.
  1. Good Communication: Good communication must be enhanced. It is believed that one of the cause of non-compliance is ignorance of the rule. When workers are ignorant of what is expected of them, they will be acting on impulse; doing what they feel is right. Communication has to be concise and timely for easy assimilation.


  1. Appreciation packages: Workers incentives is also considered as a good approach for driving compliance. When workers are being appreciated for what they did right, they will be encouraged to do better. Other workers will also get challenged by their colleague to do better in order to also gain appreciation.


  1. Training needs: Some organisations overlook personnel training in its entirety. Training is a bed rock for continuous progress and development. Training educates the mind and also enlightens the personality. Someone cannot do what he does not know; so firstly, educate him so that he can act your plan.


  1. Workers consultation: On issues of Health and Safety which directly affect the workers, workers has to be consulted when major decisions are to be taken. This can be done through the workers representatives. Since workers are directly exposed to the hazards on site, they will give meaningful contribution to the development of a good Health and Safety guideline. Also they will take the Health and safety guidelines as their own, since they have been directly involved in the process of its creation.


  1. PPE: About the use of PPE on site, there has been complains on PPE being uncomfortable, and non-fashionable. It is believed that these two issues are the most common reasons why most workers do not like using PPE. PPE should be made in a pattern which fosters convenience of use and also fashionable. Workers should feel happy and comfortable to wear their PPE’s from home to work without complain. The PPE manufacturers should look into this.

You can still contribute to this by dropping your recommendations through the comment box.