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Defensive Driving Course Plan

Defensive driving course (DDC) is a course scheduled for drivers to train them on defensive driving. Defensive driving simply means – Driving to safe life, time and resources.

The defensive driving course helps create awareness for drivers on hazards they may encounter on the road, and also educate them on the best action to take in every situation.

Also, some employers require the DDC certificate as an employment requirement for drivers.


Defensive Driving Course Contents

The course content is not static, it is organization dependent. The content depends majorly on the organizations road safety policy.

This course content could include:

  • Defensive driving techniques and application
  • Review of road safety and traffic regulations using the highway codes.
  • Traffic sign test
  • Dangers of distracted driving
  • Effect of substance abuse
  • Understanding braking distances and cornering forces
  • Review of previous accidents
  • Understanding human factors in driving
  • Pre-emptive driving
  • Managing fatigue
  • Understanding vehicle performance and overtaking
  • Emergency braking and accident avoidance
  • Low-speed manoeuvring
  • Review of previous accidents and
  • Class work

At the end of this training, a certificate of completion is awarded to the attendees.


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How Long Does The Defensive Driving Course Certificate Last?

The certificate is scheduled to be valid for on year to the best of my knowledge; except otherwise stated.

I can recall that drivers do ask me, why can’t the DDC certificate last longer than a year?

This is always my response:

Too many things happen within year which we have to learn from, and it will be too risky to wait longer before we learn from those events.


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Defensive driving training may be both theoretical and practical based on the trainers facility.

The theoretical training occurs in the class room while the practical aspect is done on the road or a simulator.


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Need For DDC Training

As an employer, if you need your drivers to perform maximally and avoid getting involved in accident, you need to enroll them for the defensive driving training. By doing this, you will save your money, equipment and resources.

Also, as an applicant, if you need a job as a driver, the DDC certificate may boost your chance of employment. Hence, you should consider enrolling for the course.

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