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What Is A Riser Room?

Riser Room

It is a technical room (a control room) where the fire riser/sprinkler is set-up and controlled from. It is also said to be a room in a building where the fire pump and automatic sprinklers are located.

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This room contains pipes, valves, gauges, etc, to control the operation of the fire sprinkler.

According to Daniel Coelho, Senior Business Systems Analyst at Infogroup; this room contains the beginnings of the buildings fire suppression system. Municipal water comes in here if available, and it comes in a big way. This is also where pressure detection and flow detection is. These link to the buildings alarm system to indicate if there is water flow generally indicating a fire. You will also find cut off valves (never touch these) with tamper alarms, again linking to the fire detection system. This is also where if the system is “dry”, meaning the iron pipes are not pre filled with water but are actually pressurized with air (generally to prevent freezing), there is a large clapper valve that holds the water back from the large pipe that feeds upward which is called the riser. This is also where the outside FDIC leads to so that the fire department can use a truck to boost the fire suppression system pressure if needed.

This video shows a typical riser room – Watch here

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