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18 Important Office Fire Safety Tips

Office fire safety should be paramount in our offices. The office has lots of potential of fire since it houses lots of fuel, electrical equipment, unsafe acts and conditions. This is why office safety is important in our offices.

This article will give important office fire safety tips we could follow in our offices to prevent fire incident or control its spread.

To ensure office fire safety, this the first thing to do:

  • Conduct office fire risk assessment: A thorough fire risk assessment should be done in the office to determine the possible fire hazards, evaluate the risk level, draw out safety measures to prevent it, and also put emergency plans in place to control its spread if it happens.

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General Office Fire Safety Tips Includes:

  1. Manage fuels (Anything that could burn) in the office properly.
  2. Ensure good housekeeping
  3. Ensure safe use of electrical equipment and extension sockets.
  4. Fire emergency plan should be design, practiced and communicated to relevant personnel.
  5. Evacuation plan should be put in place
  6.  Muster point should be created and made known by all occupants of the office.
  7. Proper staffs/visitors directory in the office should be kept always to help account for all occupant of the office during any fire emergency.
  8. Remove combustible materials, such as trash-cans, paper, and cardboard boxes, from the area in front of and to the sides of outlets, panel boxes, or other heat-producing electrical equipment.
  9. Know the location of the nearest fire alarm; know how to use it and be familiar with its signal.
  10. Never block exits with furniture, equipment, materials or trash.
  11. Never block stairway doors, open and keep all stairways and landings clear.  Nothing should be placed or stored in stairways.
  12. Limit the use of extension cords to only those instances when fixed wiring is not available.
  13. Inspect extension cords for damage frequently, check light fixtures, bulbs, and displays for visible signs for damage.
  14. Never use the elevator during a fire.  You may become trapped if the power goes out.
  15. Prohibit smoking in the building.
  16. Install smoke detection equipment in areas subject to unauthorized smoking, such as bathrooms and
  17. Seal all cracks where smoke can enter by using wet materials such as jackets, towels, etc.
  18. Appoint a competent fire warden

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Follow the office fire safety tips to prevent or control office fire. Note that the above mention tips do not follow any specific pattern.


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