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Emergency evacuation plan + PDF Template & Checklist


Emergency evacuation plan is a written document which draws out the best, safest and fastest way of escape for persons in any premises in case of emergency. It covers both imminent or ongoing threat or hazard which could endanger lives of the occupants of the affected building.

Emergency evacuation plans are developed to ensure the safest and most efficient evacuation time of all expected residents of a structure as at the time of any emergency.

The emergency evacuation plan is a component of the emergency action plan. Note that, not all emergency may need evacuation; hence the evacuation plan is just developed in case need arises.

The emergency evacuation plan follows a trend of events, this takes us to the next heading.


Trend Of Events Of The Emergency Evacuation Plan:

  • Emergency detection: Spotting the type of emergency.
  • Decision of evacuation; this will be based on the magnitude of the emergency detected and this decision must be taken by a responsible person.
  • Evacuation alarm: Sounding this alarm is what will put the emergency evacuation plan into force.
  • Reaction: This involves the action parties implementing the evacuation plan
  • Movement to an area of refuge or an assembly station
  • Transportation where necessary

Any good evacuation plan must be well structured with important action plans, this is covered in the elements of a good evacuation plan.


7 Element Of A Good Emergency Evacuation Plan

  1. Must state the conditions for evacuation
  2. State a clear chain of command
  3. State clearly the specific evacuation procedure depending on the type of emergency and the type of premises involve.
  4. State the procedures for assisting visitors, physically challenged and other employees.
  5. Plan for specific emergency equipment need and who should issue them out. Equipment like safety glasses, goggles, face shields, chemical suits, etc.
  6. Plan and responsibility for roll call and head count.
  7. Plan for training for responsible persons and simulations.
  8. Plan for review: The emergency evacuation plan should be reviewed in case of lapses or as a result of legal requirement.


It is very important that the evacuation plan be practiced intermittently to keep all actions parties ready. The aim of this practice (Simulation) is to achieve the least possible evacuation time.

NOTE: The shorter the evacuation time, the better.


Emergency evacuation plan + PDF Template

Emergency evacuation plan + PDF Template & Checklist


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