How Much Is NEBOSH International Diploma?

If you are planning to enroll for the NEBOSH IDip in Occupational health and Safety, then you may be asking the same question above.

NOTE: There is no fix cost for NEBOSH International Diploma examination; NEBOSH does not give fix the price in its entirety. NEBOSH only provides an examination cost which includes the cost for the exams and certificate.

NEBOSH course providers are the ones that determine their final cost. These cost includes: Exams fee, training, training materials and exams venue.

However, most NEBOSH IDip course providers do not openly display their cost for the program so that they don’t scare their potential students away. They prefer students to contact them directly since some providers have flexible payment plan. They believe that when a student contact them directly, they will have the opportunity to discuss the different payment options with the student.

Be it as it may, few course providers still display their training/examination cost for NEBOSH IDip.

Course Structure

The course is split into three separate units with taught content:

  • Unit A: Managing Health and Safety.
  • Unit B: Hazardous Substances / Agents.
  • Unit C: Workplace and Work Equipment Safety.
  • Unit DNI: Application of health and safety in the workplace.  This unit involves a workplace based assessment that tests the practical application of knowledge gained in units A-C.

How much is NEBOSH International Diploma


SHEIld e-Learning course prices: NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health = £1,450.


NEBOSH Diploma typically costs around £1,200 for an online/distance learning course.

If you are resident in Nigeria, contact Astutis directly for the cost via the link.


Phoenix charge £1,195.00 for distant learning.

WHSE Consulting (Nigeria)

Contact for price:

No. 8 Obanikoro Street, off Ikorodu Road, By Obanikoro Bus stop. Lagos State, Nigeria
0909 228 4110 || +234 (0)90 511 56880


If you are interested in enrolling for online NEBOSH training, contact Patrick Collins for the details of the training via this E-mail address;



Those are the few trainers highlighted in this article. Moreover, they may be others in which you know of, you can contact them directly for the cost of running the program.