List Of Health And Safety Legislation

List of health and safety legislation is a “MUST KNOW” for Health and Safety Professionals.

I will give some indispensable documents/link which you need to store/save in your archive as a Safety Professional for reference purpose. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR SAFETY ENCYCLOPEDIA 

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This list of health and safety legislation is what governs the activities of Health and Safety Professionals. Everything a Health and Safety Professional initiates and enforces are deduced from the health and safety legislation. This is why all Health and Safety Professionals should know the legislation guiding his/her activities in any economic sector.


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This list is not static as old legislation are intermittently being reviewed and new legislation integrated. I will group the legislation into three (3) part:

List Of Health And Safety Legislation

  1. This will contain the list of health and safety legislation in all health and safety practicing sector. This list contains – (Name of regulation, Year of publication, S.I number, Subject of the regulation and the regulation status). See legislations here
  2. Here is the home of all UK legislation. It covers List of health and safety legislation in United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. See legislations here 
  3. Here we have the “Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011“, it is as current as September 1st, 2018. See legislation here


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Among the legislation embedded in the links, search for the legislation which is applicable to your area of health and safety practice and follow it up religiously.


You must not miss any part of the legislation as a practicing Health and Safety Professional.



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