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20 Key Duties Of A Fire Warden

Fire Warden

Who Is A Fire Warden?

A fire warden is someone who is trained, certified and employed to manage fire safety in the organization. They can also be called fire-watch, fire marshal, etc.

Due to the damaging effect of fire, fire wardens role is very important in any establishment; as they will help to either prevent fire or manage fire incidents.

Now, let’s get into the duties of a fire warden:


Duties Of A Fire Warden

Fire Warden

  1. Assist in the inspection, servicing and maintenance of a range of fire appliances and installed fire protection equipment.
  2. Conduct weekly user tests on fire alarm systems.
  3. Issue hot work permits to contractors
  4. Advice all persons within an assigned area to evacuate via the nearest safe exit during a fire emergency.
  5. Assist in the evacuation of persons with disabilities.
  6. Lead the fire drills and real evacuation procedures
  7. Report all fire hazards.
  8. Assist in implementing and improving effective emergency procedures in your workplace.
  9. Help prevent emergencies by monitoring the adequacy of the fire risk control measures.
  10. Raise awareness with other staff about the fire hazards that exist in the workplace.
  11. Instruct workers in how to respond in an emergency.
  12. Ensure that all workers are accounted for during an evacuation.
  13. Direct everyone to leave the building using all the appropriate routes and exits (and not inappropriate exits such as lifts).
  14. Check all accessible spaces in their area to make sure everyone has evacuated.
  15. Close doors to help to isolate the fire.
  16. Guide everyone to the assembly area and assist in checking that everyone has arrived safely.
  17. Monitor escape routes to see they are kept free of obstructions.
  18. Check that fire doors are not tied, propped or wedged open where they should not be.
  19. To check that final exit doors open, and are not obstructed.
  20. To check that extinguishers are where they should be and no obvious misuse or defect has occurred.

In conclusion, before you can function as a fire warden, you have to be trained and certified. Enroll for fire warden training to get certified for practice.

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