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Fire Assembly Point – Legal Requirement & Placement

A fire assembly point is a location where staff and visitors can gather in the event of a fire to ensure everyone is in a designated safe area.

Where Should A Fire Assembly Point Be Located

From the question above, “Where should a fire assembly point be located“?

To know an appropriate location where an assembly point can be located, the general rule of thumb applies and is stated thus:

It must be positioned a distance equal to twice the height of the building. So, if a two storey building is 8 metres high, the assembly point must be 16 metres away from the building.


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Fire Assembly Point

Legal Requirements For The Location Of A Fire Assembly Points

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) requires that “Emergency routes and exits must lead as directly as possible to a place of safety” and that procedures for serious and imminent danger must enable the persons concerned to “Immediately proceed to a place of safety in the event of their being exposed to serious, imminent and unavoidable danger”.

Fire Assembly Point Sign

Businesses need to clearly identify the location of their fire assembly points in order to comply with current fire legislation. These signs help to ensure that there is no unnecessary confusion and that everyone within the premises including employees, visitors and the general public know where they need to assemble in the event of an evacuation. They also help fire wardens easily check if everyone within the premises has been accounted for.

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