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What Is A Fire Riser


Fire riser is a component of the fire suppression system. It is a pipe connected to a pressurized water source which supplies water to the sprinkler system in the building.

It is where the gauges, valves, and alarm devices are located. The fire risers typically have a waterflow switch that will activate the fire alarm system when a sprinkler head fuses.

A fire sprinkler system is an active fire system and attacks fire at the infant stage. Since the sprinkler system attacks infant fire and need water to function, without the riser supplying the water, the sprinkler system will be ineffective.

Fire Riser

See component of the riser in this video – Watch now


This riser could be wet or dry.

All wet riser remain charged with water at system pressures. Dry riser has the iron pipes not pre-filled with water but are actually pressurized with air mainly to prevent freezing.


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