How To Use A Fire Blanket

Fire blanket is a fire fighting equipment use to combat fire in its early stage (Incipient fire).

It is made of a fire retardant material; wool, fiberglass and sometimes kevlar and can fight fire with temperature of up to 482 degree Celsius.


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How Does The Fire Blanket Work

This fire fighting device works by smothering (cutting off oxygen supply) the fire.

Before there is fire, all the three component of the fire triangle must be intact – Heat, Fuel, Oxygen. Anything that is able to cut off one of the elements of the fire triangle will automatically extinguish the fire.


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In the case of the fire blanket; covering the fire cuts off oxygen supply to the fire, without oxygen, the fire cannot be sustained.

How To Use The Fire Blanket

Once you have the blanket secured over your hands, place it over the flames. Do not throw it, but lay it down gently. Start with the nearside of the flames and move in. Throwing the bottom of the blanket on the far side first can cause flames to creep up over the blanket, worsening the situation.

Leave the blanket at the heat source until the flame cease. This should take about 15 minutes. Wait until the blanket is cold before you remove it.

NOTE: Fire blankets are not designed to be reused. Hence, it can only be used once, then discarded.

Watch a short video on how to use the fire blanket here

How Long Does The Fire Blanket Last

It also recommends that consideration should be given to the replacement of fire blankets after seven years from the date of commissioning (or as otherwise specified by the fire blanket’s manufacturer).

Fire Blanket Inspection And Maintenance

Fire Blanket Maintenance will need to be carried out at a minimum annually by a competent person to ensure your fire blankets are viable in an emergency.

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) publish a “Code of Practice for the Commissioning and Maintenance of Fire Blankets Manufactured to BS EN 1869. Download PDF doc – free