Monday, October 3, 2022
Fire Warden

20 Key Duties Of A Fire Warden

Who Is A Fire Warden? A fire warden is someone who is trained, certified and employed to manage fire safety in the organization. They can...

Fire Extinguisher Expiry Date

This question is asked by many people.   It is true that expiry dates are not stamped on the fire extinguisher, but does fire extinguisher expiry...

11 Common Fire Hazards In The Workplace

There are common fire hazards in the workplace that if not properly managed could result to serious fire accident. In the UK each year there...

Key Difference Between FLASH POINT And FIRE POINT

Difference between FLASH POINT and FIRE POINT We are going to consider two parameters in this article; FLASH POINT and FIRE POINT.   These two (2) parameters...