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Who Is A Banksman? Everything You Need To Know


Who Is A Banksman

This is one of the questions I was asked when I attended my first interview for the post of a HSE Officer.

I will be addressing the above question.

This article will cover:

  • Who is a Banksman
  • Duties
  • Training need

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Firstly, Who is a Banksman?

Is the person who directs the operation of a crane or larger vehicle. The word “Banksman” is actually a British (Irish) term. It is synonymous to ‘Dogman’ used in Australia and New Zealand, and ‘Spotter’ is used in the United States.

They are also called  “signal persons”. Their job is to direct cranes and long vehicles, since these equipment and vehicles operators view may be limited.

Duties Of A Banksman

  • Directing movement of vehicles and equipment on a work site.
  • Recommending and laying out safe on-site traffic systems.
  • Keeping people and vehicles apart
  • Providing clear, correct and safe directions to plant operators.
  • Communicating with drivers and plant operators verbally and by radio and/or industry standard hand signals.
  • Managing traffic to avoid excessive queuing.
  • Minimizing the possible risk to personnel and other equipment.

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Banksman Training

In the UK you are expected to have a CSCS card with a traffic Banksman certificate. CSCS certification is a one-day programme. The Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) is the sector’s leading skills certification scheme, with a CSCS card providing proof that you have the required training and qualifications for working safely on construction sites.

Though not a legislative requirement, most principal contractors and major house builders require construction workers on their sites to hold a valid CSCS card.

In other countries, there are courses you can enroll in to be certified to take up the Banksman role.

Generally, there are no formal academic qualifications necessary for this role, but good communication skills are generally considered as an asset.

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