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10 Tips For Safe Storage Of Gas Cylinders


Safe storage of gas cylinders: Safe Storage of gas cylinders is as important as Safe transportation and use. If Safe storage of Gas Cylinders is ignored, there could be serious detrimental effect incurred.

I will highlight “10 Tips for Safe storage of gas cylinders


10 Tips For Safe Storage Of Gas Cylinders

  1. It is best to store cylinders in the open and on concrete in a fenced compound with some weather protection.
  2. In storage area, oxygen cylinder must be stored at least 3m away/separated by a fire wall from fuel gas such as acetylene, propane, methane, etc.
  3. Full cylinder should be stored separately from empties and empty oxygen cylinder should be segregated from empty fuel gas cylinders.
  4. Other products should not be stored in the gas storage area, especially not oil or corrosive liquids, source of ignition or flammable materials.
  5. Ensure ease of access into and around storage area, such as a provision of aisle >0.6m to prevent domino effect.
  6. Implement LPG cylinders special requirements including storage 3m away from other gases.
  7. Pyrophoric acid and toxic gases should be stored separately in locked, suitable ventilated storage area with restricted access.
  8. Protect gas cylinders from external heat source which may adversely affect their mechanical integrity.
  9. Cylinders should be secured and properly restrained. It can be secured with straps or chain connected to a wall bracket or other fixed surface, or by use of a cylinder stand.
  10. Cylinders should be clearly labelled to show content and associated hazards.


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