Why Static Caravans Are Safer Than Towed Caravans

Why Static Caravans Are Safer Than Towed Caravans  – A caravan can be a great option for holiday accommodation. Cheaper than buying a traditional holiday home, this can be a far more cost-efficient option for anyone looking to own somewhere. 

Owning a caravan can also allow for a far less stressful holiday experience, as personal possessions can be left there permanently, meaning there is no longer a need to panic pack. 

For those wanting to purchase a caravan, there is then the choice between static or towed. As explained by their names, one remains in one location while the other moves around and is towed by a car. There are a whole host of benefits to either option, but in terms of safety static caravans are arguably the safer choice.


As implied, a static caravan remains in one place, meaning it is purchased directly on a plot of land, typically on a wider caravan site. This removes the chance of travel-related accidents. 

Towed caravans on the other hand are transported by being towed to the back of a car. While this gives more variety in terms of the locations you can visit, it also adds the risk of transporting the caravan. In the UK alone, there are approximately 11 caravan incidents per day. This makes it a riskier option, especially for those anyone with limited driving experience or low confidence on the roads. 

Unoccupied time

As caravans are used primarily for holidays, they are typically unoccupied for months at a time. This is especially the case during the winter. 

For a towed caravan, this is likely to be kept at home during off-seasons. This can be relatively secure if kept on a driveway or in a private garage. However, if it is parked on-street this leaves it subject to break-ins and the owner will also need to check local council rules for parking a towed caravan in a residential area.

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A static caravan on the other hand remains always situated on one site. Therefore, when purchasing a lodge for sale, owners can rest easy knowing their holiday home is on a site that is manned year-round. 


As a car needs regular maintenance, so does a towed caravan in order to ensure it runs smoothly. This includes cleaning and covering the caravan to avoid rusting, something that can be relatively time-consuming due to the size of the vehicle. Tyres also need to be regularly checked for any punctures before the caravan can be towed anywhere. There are a range of other maintenance tasks that need to be carried out including checking for internal dampness and maintaining the caravan’s leisure battery.

Static caravans require far less maintenance as they do not move anywhere, ideal for anyone looking for something fuss-free or anyone who is not confident with vehicle upkeep.