What to do after an accident at work

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What to do after an accident at work is very important to all workers irrespective of the industry.

Accident at work is a distressing thing that you should not even wish for your enemy, if you have one.

In the next paragraph, we will be considering What to do after an accident at work.

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  • Get initial help: This help may be first aid or full treatment depending on the severity of the accident.
  • Report the accident: This should be done when the evidence is still fresh. Tell your supervisor about the accident. If your employer has an accident reporting protocol that requires you to notify other people, such as a Human Resources Manager or Safety Director, notify these people also. You will also need to tell Your Colleagues/Co-Workers about your workplace accident If you were working alone or outside of anyone else’s vision at the time you were injured, make sure you tell your co-workers you were hurt on the job. Many employers and insurance carriers interview co-workers to determine if anyone else knew of the injury. The more people who know about the accident and tell the insurer the higher the probability the insurer approves your claim.
  • Take photos and video evidence: This is particularly vital if you want to make a compensation claim because of the injuries you have suffered in the accident at work, or if you feel the need to defend yourself from any bogus accusations a dishonourable employer may make. You may not be able to take pictures or record videos at that state, but you can tell someone to assist you.
  • Record the accident in the accident book: Every organisation should have an accident book. Some employers may be reluctant to record a workplace accident in the accident book, usually because of performance targets to reduce accidents at work.
  • File a Claim for Benefits with the Workers Compensation Commission if necessary.
  • Call a Workers Compensation Lawyer: Understanding your legal rights following a work-related injury is complicated. Your employer and its insurance carrier are looking out for their interests, not yours. And they may not tell you everything you need to know.


All these steps are very important steps that should be followed after getting involved in an accident.

These steps will help you get proper medical attention and also prepare a smooth path to receive your accident compensation.


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