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Safety everyday should be our watchword. A day without safety is a day without caution, and a day without caution is a black day. It’s a black day because there is no light shone by hope; hope derived from conscious attempt to prevent accident. Hope is born out of conscious attempt.

Safety is not the six (6) letters word it is made up of, safety is not just a slogan, safety is not an individual, safety is not also just a logo. Safety is an understanding, safety is a way of life, and safety is a lifestyle.

When you have this understanding, when you make safety an integral part in your day to day activity, then you can be sure you have made an effort to prevent a black day.

When there you don’t practice Safety everyday, when you don’t make conscious attempt to prevent accident, then you are just banking on luck.

What is Luck:

Luck is hoping to get a good result while doing the wrong thing.

Luck is not doing anything at all, yet expects result.

Luck is planning for the best while preparing for the worst.

Lets us make safety an integral part of our day to day activities, implement safety precautions, never bank on luck because it may fail you.

Remember: It is better to be careful a 100 times than to die once.




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