Today I would have been an accident victim


Today I would have been an accident victim

My name is Ubong Edet, a HSE Officer in a construction firm in Nigeria. Today let me say I was just lucky not to have been injured on site today (Near miss).


Sky Scrapper


At about 10:38am on 31st January 2017, I was hit by 16mm iron rebarĀ  thrown out by a carpenter who was working inside an excavation over 4m deep. I was supervising the changing of a sling used in lifting a precast slab by a crane operator which had kicked, when the Jupiter rod with the nut landed on by pelvic region.


I was very upset at the worker because he could not claim ignorance of such unsafe act.

Questions I asked him:


1.) Why he threw out the Jupiter rod?

His answer: I threw it because the crane operator did not wait to carry the Jupiter rod out after setting the previous slab.

2.) Did you confirm that the area was clear and get a clearance to throw it out before you do so?

His answer: I did not see anyone from my position, so I thought no one was there.

3.) Do you think it is safe to throw out an object from a blind position on site?

His answer: No, it is not safe.


It is quite unfortunate that an incident (Near miss) like this is occurring on our sites on daily basis. Today I was the person exposed to the hazard; tomorrow it could be someone else or even a third-party if it is an open site. Today the object landed on my pelvic region, tomorrow it could land on some ones unprotected head, or it may lead to damage of equipment.


We should watch out for such carelessness from our workers on site, we should not overlook any Near miss. If we do not do something about it today, then we are opening up avenue for something worst to happen.


Let us not bank on LUCK it will definitely disappoint, let us eliminate all unsafe act and unsafe conditions on our work site as much as reasonably practicable.


On this note, I had fixed a review to correct such act and create awareness on its dangers.

What other corrective measures would you recommend, have your say. COMMENT


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