8 Things a defensive driver must know


* Things a defensive driver must know *

Motor crashes are not mere accidents, they are caused by the faulty decision and actions of drivers and other road users.

A defensive driver is the driver who drives to protect himself and other road users; the sole objective of a defensive driver is to protect himself and other road users by trying as much as possible to prevent accident.

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Any person on the road constitutes a hazard to the other road users and other road users constitute a hazard to him.

Most road users are not knowledgeable on the rules of the road, hence they are likely to make faulty decisions or take actions that may result in dangers to others.

Things you must know as a defensive driver

  1. Never allow your safety to depend on the response of other road users
  2. Always anticipate wrong action from other road users
  3. Always give correct, prompt, adequate and clear signal
  4. Be considerate and share the road with others
  5. Always drive at a speed you are comfortable with
  6. Avoid over-speeding, overloading, wrongful and dangerous overtaking
  7. Be safety and security conscious in the area you are driving in
  8. Take note of your blind spot and do not drive into the blind spot of others.

Are you are defensive driver? or Are you aspiring to be a defensive driver?

If your answer is yes – Above are things you must know.

* Things a defensive driver must know *


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