Deslog Energy Services Limited oil and gas, Safety training promo; DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY


Deslog Energy Services Limited oil and gas, Safety training

Deslog Energy Services Limited is set to train and certify Nigerians in oil and gas top-notch courses that will definitely boost their chances of employment into the oil & gas industry both in Nigeria and abroad.

Courses to be covered in the programme include:

► General HSE Level 1 & 2 (Safety Officer’s Level)

Sky Scrapper

► Advanced HSE Level 3 (Safety Supervisor’s Level)

► Oil & Gas Project Management

► Oil & Gas Logistics Management

Promo rate

The original fee for the listed courses is ₦145,000 but we have made the training free to participate, you will only pay ₦5,000 for registration and ₦40,000 for certificate processing and save ₦100,000, no hidden charges.

For Details

Visit: Deslog Energy Services Limited Training page


Call: 08031883143


A Career in the Oil and gas industry is a special one with high rewards.
To enjoy its benefit, appropriate training is required to secure its access.
Trainings such as:

1) HSE Level 1,2 & 3
2) Medic First Aid AED & CPR
3) Oil & Gas Document Control is required for such.

Registration Fee: =N= 5,000

Course Materials & Lunch Fee: =N= 5,000

Certification Fee: =N= 50,000


Other Benefits

All participants who make complete payment on or before the last day of the training will be registered as an associate member of World safety Organization (WSO) 100% free (the current value for WSO Associate membership is 55USD).

Note: This membership will give you an edge over your competitors in the labor market who may only have the certificates but do not have membership with any recognized international body.
Job consultation & Assistance is Free

Assistance on CV packaging is Free

First 5 people to register for this training in any of the batches and make complete payment before the commencement date will get one International Safety Passport (ISP) from our partner in Dubai 100% free. The current value for International Safety Passport is 150Dirham

Please note: courses taken for this training can be used for industries other than the oil and gas such as telecoms, aviation and anywhere safety is required for operation.

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