Safety Coordinator

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 Lagos, Nigeria

Performance and specifications

Job Type: Full-time
•Trains employees in safety procedures.
•Designs methods for appraising safety conditions in warehouses, factories, or offices.
•Inspects working conditions to ensure all products and activities are compliant with safety guidelines.
•Oversees use of dangerous chemicals and machinery.
•Writes up reports detailing inspection process.
•Suggests revisions to production methods and employee activity that does not meet health and safety codes.
•Recalls defective and unsafe products and machinery.
•Orders safety gear and supplies for workplace.
•Stays up to date on new state and federal health and safety regulations.
•Runs emergency drills to gauge employee readiness.
•Consults with company manager regarding the implementation of new safety procedures.
•Addresses any workplace-related health issues and accidents.
•Processes workers compensation documentation.
•Works with legal department to address any health and safety-related lawsuits.
•Writes and revises company safety handbook.
Requirements and Skills:
•Demonstrates broad knowledge of state and federal safety guidelines for the workplace.
•Exhibits knowledge of appropriate emergency protocols.
•Possesses knowledge of legal repercussions of workplace accidents.
•Demonstrates familiarity with job site machinery and products.
•Possesses strong leadership skills.
•Communicates clearly and effectively.
•Pays close attention to detail.
•Exhibits strong organizational skills.
•Possesses solid problem-solving and analytical abilities.
•Is proficient in the use of word processing programs.
•Works well with a team.
•Possesses strong writing skills.
•Demonstrates ability to remain calm and cool-headed in the event of an emergency.
Education and Experience:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Health & Safety, Safety Management, Business Administration or related field is required.
•Previous work experience in the health and safety field is required.
•Management experience is preferred.


Interested candidates should forward their RESUME to the HR through hr.crystalightng
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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