The problem of adulterated kerosene


It has come to our notice that some kerosene marketers are adulterating kerosene product which is very sad, considering the risk that such act could pose to the users of the product.

Most marketers adulterate kerosene with other products. Mixing kerosene with any other product is a chemical reaction which the outcome may not be easily predicted.

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The most common adulterating material is with petrol since it is cheaper, and this reaction often results in explosion.

Some individuals have been victims of this illicit act already resulting in severe burns and death. It is pertinent that all hands must be on deck to ensure that kerosene marketers desist from this act.

It is known that petrol is more volatile than kerosene, so when it is mixed with kerosene it explodes exposed to naked flame.


How to identify adulterated kerosene:

I was discussing with a friend few days ago, and he gave me a trick he uses to identify adulterated kerosene.

This is what he said, “When he buys kerosene to the house, he pours out a little quantity into a gallon cover then expose it to naked flame. If it explodes, he will know that it has been adulterated, but if not, then it is safe for use.”

Personally, I have discovered that most explosions caused by adulterated kerosene is also a product of unsafe act. Most people carelessly, refill their lamb when it is still on; others do same with their stove.



  • Verify the kerosene before using. You can adopt my friends pattern.
  • Never refill your lamb or stove when the light is on



Both government, private sector and the general public should condemn the act of adulterating kerosene in its entirety. This co-operate responsibility will involve the government setting up a task-force to monitor the activities of marketers. Any marketer found guilty of this act should me made to face the full wrath of the law, and maybe the sales station shut down. There other marketers will learn from it. Both the private sector and public can assist in reporting such act when noticed to the appropriate quarters.

Individuals and private sectors can sponsor jingles and dramas to warn people against this act.


Stay safe


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