PH Marketing, T&O OEHES Specialist Philippines – Chevron


PH Marketing, T&O OEHES Specialist Philippines – Chevron

Location: Batangas, Lapu-lapu РPhilippine

Deadline: 2nd August, 2018

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Job Description 

Chevron is accepting online applications for the position of PH Marketing, T&O OEHES Specialist located in Batangas, Lapu-lapu, or any major Terminals in the Philippines through August 2, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).

Responsibilities for this position may include but are not limited to:

Area Coordination:

Key Health, Environment and Safety (HES) contact for Area Marketing and Transportation & Operations (T&O) management.

Coordinates & prioritizes HES efforts and programs to optimize limited field resources.

Coordinates deployment of standard processes and work practices across the Area.

Participates on special assignments for Area/Region as needed.

Member of Area Marketing and T&O Leadership Teams.

OEMS Stewardship:

Stewards ongoing effective utilization of the Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) for Marketing and T&O at Area level.

Assists Area Marketing and T&O management drive Operational Excellence (OE) leadership accountability and ensures OE requirements are fully integrated into the Area business plans.

Acts as Area Process Sponsor or Adviser for selected OE processes to drive understanding and efficient execution.

Field Support: Execution and Compliance

Provides field support for execution of high priority OE processes and work practices, including Loss Prevention System (LPS)/Incident Investigation & Reporting (II&R), Contractor HES Management (CHESM), Management Of Change (MOC), Managing Safe Work Process (MSWP), Motor Vehicle Safety (MVS), Risk Management and Compliance Assurance.

Ensures that appropriate risk assessments are carried out in the Marketing and T&O business and that mitigation measures and safeguards are in place to protect the work force and the environment.

Provides lower level field support for execution of medium to low priority OE processes, including Process Safety (PS), Emergency Management (EM), Security of Personnel & Assets (SP&A), Environmental Stewardship (ES), Environmental Information Management (EIM), Repetitive Stress Injury Prevention (RSIP), Fitness-For-Duty (FFD) and Occupational Hygiene.

Collaborates with Area Marketing and T&O management to develop and implement OE business plans aimed at ensuring compliance with local laws, regulations and corporate policies.

Maintains an effective facility compliance program for all T&O terminal sites
Provides HES support for any major construction projects in the area.

Provides field support for execution of high priority OE processes and work practices, including LPS/II&R, CHESM, MOC, MSWP, MVS, Risk Management and Compliance Assurance.

Regulatory Interaction and Advocacy:

Represents the Marketing and T&O business on all HES matters with regulatory agencies (national, provincial, local government)
Monitors proposed legislation and regulations and provides advice on implications for Marketing and T&O business.

Must satisfy local regulatory competency and certification requirements for a Safety Practitioner or Consultant role.

Training & Exercises:

Develops and conducts face-to-face OE/HES training in cases where Computer Based Training is not practical or language is an issue.

Reviews Marketing and T&O emergency preparedness/response plans and participates in training, drills and exercises.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Environmental or other related courses.

Good oral and written communication skills

Strong analytical, teamwork and customer engagement skills.

Enjoys working with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Experienced HES professional, ideally with broad knowledge of Petroleum Terminal operations.

Extensive knowledge of Loss Prevention System/Incident Investigation & Reporting, Contractor HES Management, Management Of Change, Managing Safe Work Process, Motor Vehicle Safety, Risk Management, Compliance Assurance, Environmental Stewardship, Emergency Management and Security of Personnel & Assets OE processes, and experience applying them successfully in an operational environment
Some practical knowledge/experience with Early Injury Management, Repetitive Stress Injury Prevention, Fitness For Duty and Occupational Hygiene would also be an advantage.

Sound knowledge and understanding of local HES laws and regulations, and how they apply to Petroleum Retail and Terminal sites
Willing to be assigned at any major terminal.


Interested applicants should apply here

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