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NSC (National Safety Council) – All You Need To Know

NSC is an acronym for – National Safety Council. It is one of the renown health and safety body promoting health and safety in the United States of America with its headquarters in Itasca, Illinois.

The NSC is a nonprofit, public service organization and render services which aims at improving the health and safety system.


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NSC Services

The National safety Council are involved in the following services, these includes:

1. Safety Training 

This training generally include –

  • Defensive driving training
  • First aid training, etc.


2. Become an NSC Member

If you want to create real change in your organization, reduce injuries, decrease days away from work, promote a culture of safety, improve insurance you should plan to become of a member of the national safety council. Becoming a member comes with several benefits among which are:

  • Access to thousands of safety resources
  • Competitive advantage for contracts
  • Recognizion, etc.

How much does it take for your organization to become a member of the National Safety Council?

See the ratings below

Employees Annual Dues
1-49 $425
50-99 $495
100+ $650 + $1 per employee over 100

NOTE: The values above covers organizations operating in United States and Canada only. As part of your membership annual dues,  $35.11 is for an annual subscription to Safety+Health magazine. Become a US/Canadian Member Now

For orgainzations operating outside the United States their membership dues is USD $750.00/year/location.

Become an International Member Now

You can also call – (800) 621-7619


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3. Opportunity to become a NSC Instructor:

You can choose to become either the National Safety Council defensive driving course instructor or a first aid instructor.

Becoming a defensive driving course instructor:

You can become an NSC certified defensive driving course instructor with the e-Learning Instructor Certification Program. Here are the benefit of the program:

  • Schedule training at your convenience
  • Eliminate travel planning and expenses
  • Experience less time away from work

To become a certified Defensive Driving Course Instructor through the e-Learning Program, NSC recommends candidates first attend the course they wish to teach. They also must successfully complete the following Certification Course sessions:

  • DDC Foundation: Introduces defensive driving principles, reviews standards and regulations and discusses course-specific terminology.
  • DDC Facilitation: Reviews the instructor’s role, responsibility and proper classroom management.
  • Choice Theory: Candidate instructor must read Choice Theory by William Glasser, MD, and pass a test before proceeding to the final module.
  • Course-Specified Training: Covers the curriculum for the course you plan to teach

Becoming a first aid instructor

Also, you can become an NSC First Aid Instructor. The National Safety Council offers certification in first aid and CPR training, whether you need to be an instructor at your workplace or you’re looking to teach as part of a community effort.

Benefits of Being Authorized by NSC

  • NSC courses use the newest teaching methods and always meet OSHA and the latest guidelines.
  • Course completion cards, which are nationally recognized, are included FREE in our student materials
  • As an authorized NSC instructor, you can teach anywhere in the nation with no restrictions
  • National Safety Council will take care of your students’ records so you can focus on teaching
  • Ability to customize training to meet your employees’ needs

To start-up the process of becoming an Instructor with the National Safety Council, contact (800) 621-7619

However, your organization can become an authorized Defensive Driving Course (DDC) Training Center and be a part of a professional network that are responsible for saving lives through quality instruction.

You can equally get started by calling the contact provided above.

For questions or more information about the National Safety Council, contact their customer care through:

(800) 621-7619 
(630) 285-1434 fax

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