NEBOSH RESIT: What should I do?


NEBOSH RESIT: What should I do?

What should I do if I resit NEBOSH IGC exams?

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I will make this very straightforward and concise.

Failing in any Section of the NEBOSH IGC (IGC 1, 2 or 3) exams is not the end of NEBOSH IGC attempt for you, there is provision for resist.

After being notified of your result and you noticed you have a resit in any of the Sections, all you need to do is to contact your course provider. Your course provider will guide you accordingly.

There is always a time frame to apply for a resit.

The time frame is about 1 year. If you cannot clear all the Section within the stipulated time, that is when you will have to pay again for the examination support to your course provider.

This means that your contract with your course provider last for a year.

If you apply for resit within 1year, you will only pay the resit fee to NEBOSH; but if you apply after 1year, you will need to pay the resit fee plus an examination support fee.

If you were not satisfied with your previous course provider, you have the liberty to pick another course provider who will guide you accordingly and provide examination support.

NOTE: Resit fee is for IGC 1 & 2 only, IGC 3 resit is free.

In conclusion, when you notice that you have a resit, contact your course provider and they will guide you accordingly.

Very Importantly, understand the terms of your contract with your course provider before you commence.




  1. In Indian all institute are asking fee for GC3
    in the simulation what should i do
    And 5 days before ive already submitted my fee to institute.

    Kinldy suggest me

    Thanks in Advance

    Best Regards
    Md Ashfaque Ansari

  2. If all course providers are requesting for fee, there may be little to nothing you can do. If not all, you may have to look out for course providers that won’t bother you for money for IGC 3 resit.

  3. Most of the course providers ask for the resit fee and the examination fee for resit people. Even for igc3, it is still the same thing. the best thing is for people to read very well, prepare very well before writing the exams

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