NEBOSH Distant learning or class based training (Which one is best)


NEBOSH certification is one of the most coveted Occupational Health and Safety Certification as at present, this is why lots of persons are enrolling for the different NEBOSH certification yearly as they are highly valuable, have a worldwide coverage and are very popular.

Due to the high demand of these certifications, a lot of questions have been asked; one being the BEST MODE OF TRAINING.

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This is the question for the subject matter – NEBOSH Distant learning or class based training – Which one is best?

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Before I answer this question, let me explain these different modes of training:

Distant learning: In this mode of study, you do not have physical contact with your tutor(s). Hence, this mode of training can otherwise be termed online training. Some online trainers may use social media, while others may not.

What is constant about this form of training is that training materials will be sent to you, and you are expected to read them. Feedback loop mostly created where you can relate with your tutor(s); ask questions, carry out some class training activities and your tutor will respond to them either by mail or social media platform if in use.

Class based training: Here you will have a physical contact with your teacher, and the training will be on a one on one setting. You will learn and interact with your tutor(s) one on one.

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Now, which of this mode of training is best when considering enrolling for any NEBOSH certification?



There is no specific mode of training that could be considered best as both modes have their merits and demerits, keeping in mind individual differences and needs.

Let us briefly run through their merits and demerits

Merit of distant learning

  • It saves time
  • It saves money and
  • It is flexible

Demerit of distant learning

  • Could be tedious as it requires much of personal work
  • There could be low motivation as there is not tutor or colleague close-by to draw motivation from.

Merit of class based training

  • You can derive necessary motivation from your tutor and colleagues, this can also boost your confidence.
  • Can gain more understanding from colleagues contributions, questions and answers.
  • Close guidance is available
  • Prompt clarification of gray areas, etc.

Demerit of class based training

  • Not flexible
  • Costly and
  • Time consuming

Based on their merits and demerits, you will agree with me that the different modes of training favours people differently.

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Before I conclude, I will personally not advice any candidate who has not acquire any field experience in Occupational health and Safety to enroll for any NEBOSH certification program through distant learning, it will be more difficult for him as most things mentioned in his/her course of reading will sound very strange; he may result to more of cramming.

Though there have been certain percentage (%) of pass for fresher’s enrolling for distant learning, but it is low. I will rather recommend class based training for freshers.

A fresher can only consider the distant learning option if all other option are not realistic for him/her, but such an individual must be ready to study extra hard.

However, for practicing professionals, distant learning can be the way to go when flexibility and a cost effectiveness is needed.


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