Wearing high heel and development of muskuloskeletal disorders


Are you a lady and your job requires wearing of high heel shoes?


You love wearing high heel shoes because of your love for fashion.

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If  you are in any of these two categories, you may be exposing yourself to a serious issue known as the musculoskeletal disorder.

“The research by academics at the University of Aberdeen and published today (1 August) in BMC Public Health  found that many studies showed a link between wearing high heels and an increased risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders and bunions. But they found no clear evidence of an association between the footwear and osteoarthritis”.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are conditions that affect the nerves, tendons, muscles and supporting structures, such as the discs in your back. They result from one or more of these tissues having to work harder than they’re designed to.

Other risk factors for musculoskeletal disorder include:

  • Repetitive and/or heavy lifting
  • Bending and twisting
  • Repeating an action too frequently
  • Uncomfortable working position
  • Exerting too much force
  • Working too long without break

Symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders

Pain is the most common symptom. Sometimes the sufferer also has joint stiffness, muscle tightness, redness and swelling of the affected area. Some people experience ‘pins and needles’, numbness, skin colour changes, and decreased sweating of the hands.

Ladies that are chronic users of high heel develop one or more of these symptoms which could be very uncomfortable.

For ladies wearing high heel as a fashion it is needful that you reconsider your decisions.

Do not choose fashion ahead of your well-being.

Be guided!!!


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