MEWP Risk Assessment: What It Covers

MEWP Risk Assessment

MEWP risk assessment should be carried out before the commencement of any task which involves the use of MEWP. The MEWP risk assessment will help to clearly identify all risks associated with the use of MEWP and the measures needed to eliminate or control those risks.

This risk assessment should cover:

  • Planning travel to and from the work area
  • Accessing the work area
  • Lighting (to aid good visibility)
  • Carrying out the work task at a height.

The result of this risk assessment must be communicated effectively to all relevant persons and  should be reviewed periodically where necessary.

As any typical risk assessment, the points involved with MEWP risk assessment are:

  • Identify the Hazards

This is where you determine what could go wrong base on knowledge and past experiences. This should cover point of travel to where the job is to be carried out, assessing the work area with the MEWP, then the main task (The nature of the work and job related hazards). Considering all these area, you should be able to identify tangible hazards associated with the task at hand.

  • Decide who might be harmed and how

After identifying the hazards, it is time to determine who could be affected by the hazards and how. For example, if the MEWP overturns – who will get hurt; if material falls from height (Falling objects) – who will be affected, etc.

  • Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions

All identified hazard has its different risk level. At this point, the risk level will be determined for each of the hazards identified (Risk level could be high, medium or low). This will help in prioritizing the safety control measures and choice of precautionary measures. At this stage, the precautionary measures will be set to control the identified hazards.

  • Record your findings and implement them

The result of the MEWP risk assessment should be implemented and documented for reference purpose. The implementation process should be monitored to ensure a good outcome.

  • Review your assessment and update if necessary

As circumstances change all the time, so is your risk assessment. However, if need arise, like change in legislation, accident, or introduction of a new MEWP, the risk assessment may need to be reviewed to accommodate the changes.

MEWP Risk Assessment Template 

Mobile Elevated Working Platforms Risk Assessment PDF

The risk assessment will also state the training need if identified.

Note: There may be some equipment specific changes in the risk assessment depending on the specific MEWP used – Scissor lift or Boom lift MEWP. This should be considered when carrying out the risk assessment.


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