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Even HSE personnel get injured; see how!!!


Health and Safety personnel (HSE personnel) suffered a fractured skull trying to jump between two hotel balconies.

The fire safety and security officer with responsibilities for health and safety at a refinery near his home fell 20ft (6m) at the 4-star Guayarmina Princess hotel, in Tenerife.

My attention was drawn to this news reported by BBC.co.uk

Mr. Clay and his wife were on vacation with his parent, when they were eventually locked out on the balcony. Eventually, his wife needed to use the toilet, he decided to take action rather than let her “suffer the indignity of urinating on a small balcony in front of his parents”.

The incident description goes thus: Mr Clay, who was wearing just his pyjamas bottoms, tried to cross to his own balcony next door, where he knew the door into his room was unlocked.

Now the question, as a safety representative, did his action depict what he preach?

Accident does not respect profession, when you do not do the right thing, you are bound to be involved in an accident.

REMEMBER: Even HSE personnel get injured.

Mr. Clay’s action was obviously an unsafe act. An act he do warn people of in his work-site probably.

It is needful for everyone, no matter their designation to practice safety always and consistently.

Mr. Clay may have killed himself in the process; accident is ours to prevent.

BBC.co.uk full report

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