HSE Jobs: HSE Manager Portharcourt


Job title: HSE Manager Seatone Oil & Gas Company.

Location: Portharcourt

Job type: Contract

Deadline: 16/02/2017

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Job Description:

Manage and supervise Health, Safety and Environment in the construction site of the pipeline project for Seatone Oil & Gas Company. Responsible for identifying of hazardous workplace. Takes samples and measurements of hazardous materials and coordinates the removal of physical and chemical hazards. Trains employees in safety policies, procedures and regulations. Manage any project of the organization under safety contracts in the oil pipeline construction. Research the effect of sharp objects in the construction site. Identification of risks and damages caused by working equipment in the construction site, Development of environmental Health Policy strategies in Seatone Oil & Gas Company. Preparation of Safety Assessment Reports for the organization, construction of Interim construction Sites. To  ensure that projects are completed safely while maintaining quality, work schedule and budget.

Salary Benefits:

·   Medical care
·   Accommodation & meals
·   Official car
·   Life insurance
·   Security guard
·   All taxes
·   Local/national and international calls
·   Flights from home country Airport to Lagos Airport/Port Harcourt Airport to company provided accommodation and return to home in your country.
·   Any expenses occurred whilst on duty during the course of the project.
How to apply:
Interested and qualified applicant should send a copy of their curriculum vitae to: Johnson_ojo@seatonecompany.com


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