HSE Issues Warning about e-cigarette Products with ‘Illegal Amounts of Nicotine’

The Irish Health and Safety (HSE) regulatory body has urged members of the general public to discontinue the use of two e-cigarettes which contain “unacceptable levels of nicotine.”

The HSE said that the two products in question are the “R and M Tornado” and “WGA”, both of which contain more than 2pc (20mg/ml) of nicotine when analysed.

According to the HSE’s National Tobacco Office (NTO), the Tornado 9000 contains 27.6 mg/ml nicotine when analysed, and the WGA contains 28.2 mg/ml.

In addition, the NTO said that two RAPEX (Rapid Alert for Pre-Exposure Exposure) notifications have been submitted to the ESRG (European Safety Gate) following the discovery of the nicotine content of the Tornado and the WGA.

HSE said that all major Irish distributors have been informed of the issue and that the affected products must be returned to the shop they were purchased from.

The HSE reminds manufacturers and importers that they have a legal obligation to notify the HSE of any intention to place a product on the Irish market and to ensure that it complies with all legal requirements.

Manufacturers and importers are responsible for ensuring that the products they place on the market and use in normal or reasonably foreseeable circumstances are of the highest quality and safety.

Retailers are also responsible for ensuring that any products they purchase from an importer/distributor are notified to them via the HSE and that all legal requirements are met.

If the HSE determines that a product has been made available or put on the market that does not meet the legal requirements, it will not hesitate to use its legal enforcement powers.

As a precaution, our message to the general public is to check your products against the products listed in this alert.

If you have any of the products listed below, we urge you to discontinue use of them and return them to the store where you purchased them.

The HSE urges retailers to recall the products listed below and to contact the HSE as soon as possible with product and traceability information.

If the recalled products have been sold, retailers must display a recall notice prominently and share it on social media and the retailer’s website.