HSE  interns

Are you a newbie in the Health and Safety (HSE) profession seeking HSE internship?

Have you just completed your HSE training seeking a start up point?

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Have you been frustrated because of being bounced by recruiters due to lack of experience?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, join a pool of HSE interns. Lets see how to help ourselves.

Sincerely, it could be a nightmare to find yourself hanging because of lack of experience in a profession which you have much passion for.

Over 90% of professional that are well placed in different organizations today as HSE personnel were one time in your shoe.

I can recall how desperate I was to gain experience in the HSE profession in order to make myself marketable after i completed my HSE level 3 proficiency course. I even offered to work without pay, just to gain experience.

HSE internship is necessary if you most make it in the HSE profession as a fresh Health and safety professional. It is at this point of lack of opportunity to gain experience for employment that most people back out from the profession.

Most countries are short of well seasoned HSE professionals, though a lot of professionals are being graduated on regular basis. We are short of HSE professionals because there is no platform to train our fresh Health and Safety graduates to a level where they can be able to practice independently in different organizations.

There are generally two (2) categories of the HSE professionals; the ones that are highly ranked in the profession and beginners. Individuals in both level has a role to play in developing Health and Safety to a level is should be in our different countries.

Beginners should launch out. You can do what I did, Offering to work without pay. That alone shows the level of interest you have for the profession. Offering to work without pay will send a very strong signal to an employer or recruiter of your passion. Your offering can fetch you a job where you never expected.

At the beginning a profession, the pay doesn’t really matter. What matters is getting your-self equipped for better exploit in the HSE profession.

Well placed professional in the HSE profession can also be of help to upcoming professionals that are willing to offer  free services for the experience. Give them an opportunity to learn under you.

If you are an HSE professional or an Employer and have an opportunity for HSE internship in your organization please contact us.

Let use determine to create an opportunity for our fresh Health and Safety professionals by granting them internship opportunities.

Let use help the HSE profession to make a mark in our individual countries, we all have a role to play. Your little contribution matters. The person you make room for to gain experience may be the person to liberate the HSE profession in the area of practice, and this act may also benefit you as a HSE professional.



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    This is a good post you just highlighted. I will also like to know if there is any WhatsApp group for HSE professionals that one can learn about job openings within an organization?

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