How I Got My First HSE Job; You Too Can Try This Approach

I will be sharing my personal experience How I Got My First HSE Job.

This part can be very difficult for fresh graduates in the Health and Safety profession as they are yet to have a field experience that could support their job scouting campaign.

How It Started – How I Got My First HSE Job

After my HSE Level 3 training, I was eager to get a first opportunity to practice what I learnt. Interestingly, I did not habour any iota of doubt nor fear when I launched out; so I was all out for what I wanted.

Here is what I did, I target three (3) organizations that were close to me and I drafted three (3) applications addressing the three targeted organizations.

Before this time, I called a friend that was working in one of the organization, I discussed my plan with him, he promised to help me submit the application to their personnel as they were not accepting application as at the time.

In this aspect, I made use of my contact.

I took the second application to the second organization, I made enquiry on who was the CLO (Community Liason Officer) as there was no personnel manager on ground. I was lucky to meet him eventually, I spoke with him about my intention.

Here is the part I didn’t mention, the reason I choose the second organization. The second organization was a new company that was about starting operation, and was actively recruiting, so I felt it was a good platform to try to break in as they were in their early phase.

To cut the long story, after our discussion, I got his mobile contact and left a copy of my CV with him.

After I left, I tried as much as possible to keep in touch with the CLO both through calls, and text messages.

Lastly, I took the last application letter to the 3rd organization. When I got to the gate, I met the gate keeper and informed him that I came to submit an application. The gate keeper then gave me a very vital information.

He made me understand that the organization was receiving application in-mass on stipulated days. I thanked him and left.

On the said date, I went back there, what I saw was terrifying.

I met a mamod crowd outside the gate of the company, I was like Wow. So people actually knew of this employment opportunity, its well.

I joined the trend, we stood there since morning till after lunch hour. After lunch, we were divided into 3 groups, and was to submit our credentials in batches. I was in the last batch and I submitted my CV successfully.

Here is the pick, at a point I got tired and exhausted, at a point rain fell but since I didn’t see anyone move, I was also tenacious and patient.

Fortunately for me, the last organization is where I got my first job offer as a HSE Officer

Salient Point Of The Story

  1. Power of Networking: People say, you are as rich as your network. Your network is your greatest asset, so you need to build your network strategically based on your objective. Everyone or anyone should not be in your network. After building your network, optimize it to your advantage. To maximize your network, you have to be active within your network, don’t be dormant. I used my network to submit my CV to the first organization I targeted.
  2. Identify Opportunities: Opportunity abound, but identifying it could be a problem. You have to learn to identify opportunity as they come. I was able to submit the second CV through the CLO because the organization was new and fresh, that would be more difficult if the organization was old and long existing.
  3. Tenacity: The job scouting process is not an easy one. So you need to be tenacious in your pursuit, be patient and positive no matter how long it takes. The moment you loose hope and be discouraged, you cut your chances by 50%.
  4. Draw Up a Plan: You should have a well structured plan to follow when searching for job. You may not wait for vacancies to be posted before you apply as I did. You can work through Personnel managing organization or labour supply organization; just have a plan.
  5. Don’t Underestimate the Power or LinkedIn: LinkedIn to me is the best platform for job seekers. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, create one. Make sure you provide all your professional information accordingly, upload your updated CV and start building your network with professionals relevant to your area of interest; also connect with HR’s.

In conclusion; I am sharing this for you to learn. You may choose to adopt my pattern or draw your own pattern. Though its not an easy lane, but with the right approach, character and guide you can reduce your time in the job market.

Keep your HSE Training up to date.

In all these do not forget that your CV is your face when you are not around; never make use of a generic CV. Always modify your CV to fit the position your are applying for. If you cannot craft a great CV for yourself, you can employ the service of a professional CV writer. If you need recommendation, you can contact me using our contact page.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any via the comment box, I will be waiting for you there.