Welding – Hot work clothes

Hot work clothes

Hot work clothes summarizes all the personal protective equipment needed for hot work.

Hot work is defined as cutting and welding operations for construction/demolition activities that involve the use of portable gas or arc welding equipment, or involve soldering, grinding, or any other similar activities producing a spark, flame, or heat.

Without wasting time, i will highlight the hot work clothes with standard specification:

  1. Welding helmet to protect against radiation, like WH-TF2414 Helmet with face shield.
  2. Hand shield to protect against hot slag. sparks, intense light, etc.
  3. Goggles to protect against radiation, flying particles, etc. Like the WG50FF welding goggle.
  4. Respirators to protect against fumes like the LPR-100™ Half Mask, S/M or 3M™ 8515 N95 Exhalation Valve Disposable Welding Fume Respirator Masks.
  5. Fire/Flame resistant clothing and aprons which protects against Protects against heat, fires, burns, radiation, etc.
  6. Ear muff or ear plug which will protect against noise.
  7. Insulated gloves to protect against electric shock, heat, burns, etc.
  8. Rubber soled safety shoe.


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