3 Things Health and Safety professionals must do in 2018


As a Health and Safety professionals, 3 things you must to do in 2018.

It is every mans dream to progress, and progression entails doing something different and something new. To progress in the Health and Safety profession, you have to develop your expertise in the profession, update old knowledge and also identify yourself with a Health and Safety professional body.

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Things you should do in 2018 as Health and safety professionals.

  • Enroll for higher HSE Certification: You cannot get a different result when you are still doing the same thing. Training will boost your competence, cement your place in a competitive work environment, boost your income base and also upgrade you in the professional ladder. I know, no body wants to remain in one place, but to progress in the health and Safety profession you have to acquire new knowledge through training. Some of the courses you could enroll for are:

1. NEBOSH IGC: This is the starting point in Health and Safety profession if you want to develop a career in health and safety. HSE Level 1, 2, 3 are just proficiency courses. You do not have to stop there, except you just need health and safety for proficiency purpose.

2. ISO 9001/ISO 45001: OHSAS 9001 is a quality management course while ISO 45001 is an occupational health and Safety auditors course. You may ask why i included ISO 9001: Some organizations needs QHSE personnel, not just HSE. Gaining ISO 9001 will widen you expertise and opportunity.   ISO 45001 is a new certification which will replace the OHSAS 18001. Acquiring this certification will stand you out from other Health and safety professionals as it will tag you as an authority in the field of Health and Safety; you will be a LEAD AUDITOR in Health and Safety. See more about ISO 45001 here.

3. NEBOSH Diploma: It’s every Health and Safety professional dream. Though it is costly, but it worth the stress. Here is all you need to know about NEBOSH Diploma.

4. Auxiliary Health and Safety courses like: First aid and CPR training, emergency response management, Risk assessment and risk management training, IOSH managing safely, OSHA courses, etc. Depending on your area of interest, pick a course of choice.

Here are major Health and Safety course providers you could enroll with.


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