Fire Extinguisher Ball – Elide Fire Ball and how it Works


Fire Extinguisher Ball

Fire Extinguisher Ball are used as an additional  fire fighting equipment. It is a fire suppression device used in putting out a fire before you would need to use a fire extinguisher.

It is easy to use and do not need any specialized knowledge.

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One of the commonly used fire ball is the Elide fire balls.

It is affordable and easy to use consumer focused fire suppression device with an innovative un-attended self-activating feature.

The Elide Fire Ball is a simple, mobile and easily mounted, consumer focused, automatic fire suppression device targeting and preventing starting or small fires.


Benefit of the Elide Fire balls

Based on the manufacturers information about the Elide fire balls – Here are the benefits:

* Easy, simple, small/compact and safe to use by anyone
* Weighs only 1.3kg
* Suitable for any common fire – Class A-B-C-E-F
* On activation, it emits a loud noise as an alarm
* 5 Years product shelf life and warranty*
* No annual service or maintenance required for 5 years
* Operational 24/7 when in primary static use
* Non-toxic and environmentally friendly 94%MAP dry chemical powder
* Low to no corrosion on electrical equipment
* Safe around humans, animals and property
* Only Self-Activates when in contact with a direct naked flame.


Fire balls – How it works (Video)


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