HSE NEWS: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) awards $73M in grants to boost CMV industry


FMCSA awards $73M in grants to boost CMV industry

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides new grants which is intended to assist programs in boosting commercial motor vehicle driver’s license standards and compliance, veterans’ operator training, and motor vehicle safety enhancements.

FMCSA announced on Sept. 26 that it has awarded more than $73 million to states and educational institutions, broken down in three major groups:

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  • $41.5 million in high-priority grants aimed at improving safety in CMVs and promoting technological advancements.
  • $30.7 million toward helping states keep up with FMCSA standards on CDL programs. The national license program requires states to test for knowledge and skills before issuing licenses, keep an accurate history of any licensed driver and disqualify drivers who violate specific rules. Part of the grant also goes to third parties that help states achieve licensing goals.
  • $1 million divided among nine educational institutions to fund programs to train veterans for a career in commercial vehicle operation.

It is beleived that, “Safe drivers lead to safer roadways, and safer roadways ensure that our loved ones return home at the end of their journey,” FMCSA Deputy Administrator Daphne Jefferson said. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration beleives that grants will help ensure that our state partners have the tools and resources they need to support FMCSA’s mission of reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses.”



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