Fatal Drivers Mistake – He almost killed him self

Fatal drivers mistake

Fatal drivers mistake

A driver miraculously escaped death after one of his front tyre pulled out while on transit.

The incident occurred on 3rd September, 2018 by Itam flyover, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State at around 12noon.

HSEWatch eye-witness reported that the left front tyre of the Toyota Camry pulled out as the driver was about climbing Itam flyover while approaching from NNPC mega station.

The tyre hit road divider and crossed to the opposite lane of the road. Fortunately, there was no oncoming tricycle, vehicle or pedestrian.

List of findings

  • The driver just came out from the mechanic workshop where job was done on the tyre.
  • The tyre pulled out because the tyre nut was not tight adequately.
  • The driver perceived the tyre waving, but didn’t pull-over to check.
  • The driver called mechanic to complain about the waving tyre and the mechanic instructed him to return the vehicle to the workshop.
  • He decided to return the vehicle to the workshop without assessing the state of the tyre.

From the list of findings above, the mistakes of the driver are so obvious.

Unfortunately, most of us who drives are making the same mistakes on daily basis. These mistakes can either claim your life or the life of other road users.


Anytime you perceive that something is not right with your vehicle, pull-over to assess the vehicle.  If you cannot identify the problem, ask for the help of a mechanic.

This findings is what should  guide your decision. Never act on assumption and instinct.

Lets do the needful to avoid fatal accidents on the road.

REMEMBER: Over 90% of accidents are preventable.


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