11 Extension Lead Safety Precautions

Extension lead safety precautions are important if you must use it safely. The extension lead is a length of flexible electrical power cable with a plug on one end and one or more sockets.

Poor use of extension lead can pose hazards/risk of:

  • Trip and fall
  • Electric shock/Electrocution
  • Fire breakout

Without too much stories, let’s go straight into the extension lead safety precautions.


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Extension Lead Safety Precautions

  1. Never overload an extension socket
  2. Position an extension lead carefully to prevent any risk of damage.
  3. Always check that leads, plugs and sockets are in good condition.
  4. If using a cable drum extension lead, it should be completely unwound to avoid overheating.
  5. Do not run the extension lead along the walk path to avoid trip and fall.
  6. Never run the extension lead through water, wet or damp surface.
  7. Never use a cord that feels hot or is damaged in any way
  8. Never try to repair extension socket if you are not trained to do so.
  9. Never improvise with an extension socket, either to accommodate more plugging point.
  10. Use extension cords with polarized and/or three-prong plugs.
  11. Inspect the extension lead before use.

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