See Eighteen (18) essential duties of a fireman


A fireman is a person who has been trained on the art of fighting fire and also contributes on fire emergency plan, and implementation.


The duties of a fireman are dependent on the organization where he is working, but most of the duties are alike with only some additions or subtraction depending on where his services are required.

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Some of the duties of a fireman include:

  1. They protect people and property affected by fire
  2. Providing emergency care for sick and injured people during fire incidence.
  3. Firemen educate fellow employees on fire prevention to help keep them safe.
  4. Carries out Rescue exercise for people who may be trapped by fire.
  5. Carry out fire prevention exercises
  6. Conduct fire drills
  7. Put up fire notices
  8. Ability of driving articulated Fire Engine
  9. Ensuring integrity of the property ablaze
  10. Aid in extinguishing fire
  11. Maintain fire emergency equipments
  12. Ensure that the fire emergency plan is in place and workable
  13. Constantly check the fire emergency accessories like emergency exits, fire doors, emergency exit light, smoke detectors, etc.
  14. Carry out training in areas of fire prevention and control
  15. Cleaning the fire truck, hoses and all other fire fighting equipment
  16. Conduct roll call in case of fire emergency
  17. Communicate the emergency plan to all the employees
  18. Constantly maintain and service fire extinguishers ensuring that they are still in a workable condition.



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