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Mist is said to be a thin fog with condensation near the ground.

Mist is mostly seen in the early hours of the morning and sometimes down in the evening making visibility obscure. This obscured visibility tends to be a major risk factor to drivers and other road users. In order to drive safe, it is needful to follow safe driving procedures in misty atmospheric condition.


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  1. Your parking light is your best tool:

    Making sure your parking light is turn on is very necessary in enhancing visibility. Since mist impairs visibility on the road, your parking light will serve as a sign to other road user who may not see the upcoming vehicle, but they will see the light telling them that a vehicle is coming ahead. It is very important especially when driving on road that permits two-way traffic.

I had been of the believe that headlight (high beam) is better during dense mist, but later came to the understanding that it could rather worsen visibility.


  1. Revolving light:

    Revolving light is mainly available for heavy high rising vehicle. It tends to notify upcoming vehicles of the kind of vehicle coming ahead. Revolving light is located on the roof of the drivers cabin.

So, heavy high rising vehicles should make use of head light and revolving light simultaneously in misty atmosphere


  1. Over-speeding is not a sign of professionalism:

    Some drivers believe that only professional drivers can over-speed, that is a very wrong believe. Instead, a professional driver is someone who understands the rules that governs driving, and follow them religiously. When vision is obscure, over-speeding keeps you unavoidably very close to the line of fire. Knowing that not all road users are sober, not all road users are knowledgeable in the rules of driving, not all road users are at the same professional level in driving; this knowledge should make you to adopt PREEMPTIVE DRIVING pattern.

Preemptive driving will tend to consider the lapses of other drivers and road users which will help avoid possible accident, thereby protecting yourself and other road users in the process.

  1. Your eye-sight is key:

    It is worthy to note that drivers with poor sight are not ideal road users. Driving with poor sight in a misty atmospheric condition is disastrous since you will be a hazard to yourself and other road users in that condition.


  1. Your windshield wipers and defroster will be your support:

    Since there is much moisture in the air during misty atmosphere, there is a very high tendency that your windshield could be blurred reducing your visibility, so you will need your windshield wiper and defroster to clear your windshield for better visibility. On this note, your windshield wiper should always be in good condition, so that you will not put yourself in danger; since mist is not always predictable.


  1. Avoid overtaking as much as possible:

    Overtaking will always take you off your lane. In misty atmospheric condition, your visibility is impaired, there overtaking is one of the most dangerous things to do in that condition. What if you try overtaking, and then run onto an approaching vehicle that was not visible to you. You can predict what will happen!!!


In summary, mist is a natural occurrence and a change in atmospheric condition. In order to protect yourself and other road users in a misty atmosphere, never forget these tips:


  • Use your headlight
  • Use your revolving light if applicable
  • Drive at a reasonable speed
  • If you have a poor sight, do not drive; acquire the service of a professional driver.
  • Use your windshield and defroster; make sure your windshields wiper is always in good condition.
  • Avoid unnecessary overtaking

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