Coord, HSE Assoc – Mexico Villahermosa


Coord, HSE Assoc – Mexico Villahermosa

Location: Villahermosa, TAB, MX, 86037

Job Ref: A453-ESG-Coord, HSE, Assoc

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Job Details

Under strict supervision from Operations Leadership, the Coordinator is responsible for implementation of health, safety and environmental policies, procedures and guidelines as instructed.


  • Duties are likely to be within a defined project, work-site or geographic location. Assists in various activities, including but not limited to hazard identification and risk management, incident reporting, investigation and causal analysis, waste minimization, pollution prevention and control, emergency response, and various compliance activities in all areas of HSE.
  • Assists during internal and external audits and inspections.
  • Record-keeping and other general administrative duties are likely. Assignments are generally well defined.


  • Requires an Undergraduate Degree in HSE, Science, or Engineering and three years of experience in Oil and Gas, or Manufacturing.


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