After NEBOSH IGC which certification should i go for?

After NEBOSH IGC which certification should i go for?

Most upcoming HSE professionals ask this question.

After NEBOSH IGC, what next?

Is It:

  1. NEBOSH Diploma? – But its costly
  2. ISO 45001? (Occupational Health and safety Lead Auditors Course)
  3. ISO 9001? (Quality Management Standard)

Which way is better?





The above question was asked on HSE Professional Groups, social media and via direct contact – Over 70% of already established professionals in the field of health and safety tends to favour ISO 9001 (Quality management standard).

Their reason is that:

The ISO 9001 certification will broaden your scope and also set a good background for taking up the ISO 45001 certification.

Also, ISO 9001 was picked ahead of NEBOSH Diploma because of the high cost implication associated NEBOSH Diploma.

I hope this information will be beneficial to upcoming Health and safety professionals.

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  1. Nebosh Igc is a good one for every practising safety . It distinguishes you as an authority in the field . however , to me , it’s good to do QMs ,Iso 9001 first before embarking on Iso 45001. 9001 will give you a broader view of what other management system is all about .

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