What to do After a Construction Accident Injury


What to do After a Construction Accident Injury: Construction sites can be extremely dangerous for workers depending on the scale and type of project. This is why workers are often required to wear hard hats and specialized boots that can protect them from injuries. Unfortunately, accidents still happen in this particular workplace, potentially leading to severe injuries for the victims.

A construction accident injury could include broken bones, spinal cord damage, chemical exposure, traumatic brain damage, or eye injuries. With the amount of heavy equipment and power tools being used on a construction site, the potential for injuries is always present.

If you are a construction worker who has been injured while working, then you need to know what steps to follow to secure your health and financial future going forward.

Seek Medical Attention

Your physical health is the most important priority after a workplace accident at a construction site. Even if you were treated immediately after the incident by medical personnel and released from their care, there could be hidden damage that has occurred. Your best course of action would be to schedule an appointment to get screened for any internal injuries as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more long-term damage could occur, compounding the negative effects of the original injury. Though you may feel fine, you never know what hidden injuries may take a while for symptoms to manifest.

Record The Incident

Most workplaces allow injured employees to file an accident report that details the nature of the incident. This is a crucial step that allows you to report the circumstances of the injury, including what may have caused the incident and any witnesses to it. This is critical for pursuing worker’s compensation, but also a personal injury lawsuit if negligence was involved. Make sure that you proceed with filing a report soon after the injury so you can remember as many details as possible. 

File An Injury Claim

If someone else’s negligence was the cause of your construction site injury, then you may have a case for a personal injury claim. This would allow you to pursue compensation to cover any economic or non-economic damages accrued because of the injury. These could include lost income, medical bills, therapy, or emotional suffering. To have the best chance for a successful claim and fair settlement, contact an injury lawyer team that specializes in workplace accidents and can protect your rights and help you build a compelling case against the responsible party.

For Construction Companies, Contact Insurance

If you are affiliated with the construction company that employs the worker who was injured, then you will need to get in touch with your insurance company. While certain things will be covered by worker’s compensation insurance, multiple uninsured costs result from a workplace accident that you should know about, and the best way to analyze these is to find out what is covered.  

For The Victims, Focus On Recovery

If the injury is severe enough to inhibit your ability to work, then your recovery is a top priority. As mentioned before, schedule an appointment to get screened for additional and hidden injuries. Take the time recommended by your doctor to rest to allow your body to heal itself. Eat a healthy diet that can provide vital nutrients to your cells as they work to repair the damage. Get a good night’s rest each night to get a full REM cycle and restore your cells. Schedule follow-up appointments with healthcare professionals to monitor your recovery process and keep a record of bills associated with the injury that you can use in a personal injury claim. 

The more you focus on recovery, the faster you will be able to return to your regular rhythms, including going back to work. Hopefully, worker’s compensation or a personal injury lawsuit can cover your financial losses from the injury so you don’t have to worry about your future while recovering. 

Know How to Proceed After a Construction Accident Injury

Construction site accidents are, unfortunately, very common. They are one of the leading industries when it comes to workplace injuries due to the nature of the job and the frequent use of heavy equipment. Understanding how to proceed if you experience a workplace injury on a construction site could help with your recovery and secure your financial future.

Seek additional medical attention immediately. Fill out a report of the incident so that it is on file with the construction company and can be referenced for worker’s compensation or an injury claim. Apply for worker’s comp or file the injury claim and then focus on recovery while these legal processes play out. Construction-related injuries can be life-altering, so make sure you follow the necessary steps to look out for your well-being in the aftermath of the incident.